You Will Love It.

B&R is adding a full-scale PC for mobile machinery to its portfolio. The powerful PC for mobile machinery is equipped with an Intel Core i processor and offers IP69K protection for deployment in harsh environments. Its high performance makes it optimally suited for smart machines that communicate with each other, process data and send it to the cloud.

Superfast and still connected.

Real time and deterministic communication

-          Micro second response to I/Os

-          Connect to any cloud

-          Connect to any ERP

-          Easily integrate with any API’s

Build Robots faster

Anzo Controls offer modular design approach for make robots very fast.

Open Motion controller

Modular Joints

Seamless Integration 

Boost your Machine performance

If you think that you have build a good machine.

Anzo controls will enable you to make it a "Great Machine"

More connected


Smaller Footprint

More precise

Safer then ever