Motion control solution

Achieve More with Anzo motion control solution

  • Reduced size of the machine
  • Increased Throughput
  • Increased speed and accuracies
  • Increased output Power and Torque
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Multiprotocol support

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Human Machine Interface

Great Visualization,

Complete Integration from shop floor to Enterprise network

More Open :MQTT/Webserver/OPCUA embedded

Its not an HMI its a digital transformation agent

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Industrial PC

Rugged networking

Multiprotocol support

Support various OS windows/Linux

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Frameless Motors

Custom made Frameless servos for various robotics applications

High performance

Supports various protocols

Seamless integration with Motion Controller

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Multi axis motion controller

Modular design

More Precise Positioning 

Multiprotocol support

Cost effective

Easy integration with 3rd party Api's

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Industrial Power supplies

1 phase/3 phase Input

24 Vdc output

50 watt to 480 watt

Modbus/Ethercat/Profinet communication

-40 to 70 degree celcius

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Articulated Robots

Multi axis articulated Robot

Pay load 5 Kg -25 Kgs

Number of axis : custom

Open controller

easy Integration with 3rd party Api's

Costumed as per user

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Motorized driven Roller

High Power in smallest footprint

Best in class Controller

Both AC and DC version available

Supports Ethercat/Profinet/OPC UA/MQTT protocols

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