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Anzo controls 7th floor Express trade tower 2, Sector 132 Noida UP


We Hello You

Who are we?

Our team has multidisciplinary experience in Embedded ,IT, Mechanical and controls. Having decades of Industrial experience Anzo team joint hand to boost automation segment with its offerings.

All our products are "Proudly made in India" with emphasis on core values and quality. Anzo is all set to establish the new vertical for automation for future.

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Future is what we create

We embrace the future by creating it with our passion and hard work. At Anzo we are redefining robotics and controls with our offerings which are more faster, more accurate, more precise and more connected.

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You Will Love It.

Anzo control is adding Powerful PC and HMI’s to its segment. With the flexibility of an mobile (4G/Wifi/Ble) and reliability of an real time and deterministic communication, Anzo controls offers best of the both the world packaged in one single unit.

Superfast and still connected.
- Real time and deterministic communication
- Micro second response to I/Os
- Connect to any cloud
- Connect to any ERP
- Easily integrate with any API’s

Superfast and still connected.

Real time and deterministic communication

-          Micro second response to I/Os

-          Connect to any cloud

-          Connect to any ERP

-          Easily integrate with any API’s

Build Robots faster

Anzo Controls offer modular design approach for make robots very fast.

Open Motion controller

Modular Joints

Seamless Integration 

Boost your Machine performance

If you think that you have build a good machine.

Anzo controls will enable you to make it a "Great Machine"

More connected


Smaller Footprint

More precise

Safer then ever


how it's work

You Will Love It.

Making robotics Fun

Anzo offers modular joints, Open motion controller with seamless integration with any third party software makes 


Unlock the power of Edge computing

At Anzo we test all kind of architectures suited as per requirement (RISC V/ ARM based /FPGA) .All devices all tested for Security, Scalability, Speed, Reliability, Efficiency


Turning Information into Intelligence

At Anzo we provide seamless connectivity between Shop floor to any cloud via MQTT ,OPC UA, webserver. This provide valuable insight to the shop floor data


Motion control solution

At Anzo we provide innovative motion control solution with unmatched flexibility, reliability and performance.


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You Will Love It

At Anzo we “Celebrate Motion” by developing products that redefines the trends in automation.